Washington Square Park, Enjoy The Greenery in a Metropolitan City

Washington Square Park is situated in the heart of Greenwich Village, NYC, it is well known and frequently swarmed square. People reside around, rush to this place to enjoy the greenery and the nature. There are two primary attractions at square park, the large fountain and the Washington Arch.

Best Time to Visit Washington Square Park

Washigton Square Park NYCThe Park is open 24 hours; however the weekends or public holidays are the best time to get there. During the weekends and holidays the park has another level of life and craziness added to itself with live music performances and hustle bustle around every nook and corner, you’re sure to enjoy the most during this time.

Things to see

The Washington Arch
The Washington Arch is one notable structure worth seeing while visiting the Square Park. It was constructed by Stanford White, a renowned American architect. The whole theory to build the arch was to honor the centennial of the first president’s inauguration. The Washington Arch is beautifully built and is a very strong example of exemplary craftsmanship, knowledge of fine elements as well as structure.

Washington Square Park Fountain
The central fountain is another very famous attraction the Washington Square Park offers to its visitors. The fountain adds freshness and life to this park and you can spot a lot of hustle bustle around the area. The fountain sometimes acts like an oasis on a hot sunny day.

Alexander Lyman Holley Statue By John Quincy Adams Ward Washington Square Park New York
Besides the above two there are different landmarks/ statues. John Quincy Adams Ward’s bust of steel, trend-setter Alexander Lyman Holley (1890), Giovanni Turini’s statue of Italian-patriot pioneer Giuseppe Garibaldi (1888), a World War I dedicatory flagpole.

Where to eat in Washington Square Park?

Bluehill Resto
• Blue Hill is a place for the food geeks who love to dig deep into each bite they take.
Expect superbly ready vegetables that highlight centerpieces of cod in almond juices, Berkshire pork stewed with four sorts of beans, and grass-bolstered sheep with white beans and new potatoes.
Babbo Nyc
• Babbo is a two-level split townhouse Known for the amazing fiery sheep wiener with mint love letters, calf’s mind francobolli (little, stuffed ravioli) or grilled squab (youthful, household pigeon), the food served at the highest point of imaginative, diverse amusement. Advance reservations are advisable here.

• Stumptown Coffee Roasters are famous Portland roasters revolutionizing the NYC bistro scene with its impeccably made mixes.

Where to stay near Washington Square Park?

Walker Hotel NycWalker Hotel, Hyatt Union Square, New York, The Standard East Village & Hotel Hugo are some of the top four star properties around the Park where one can put up when in New York especially around Greenwich. These hotels are symbols of impeccable hospitality and are centrally located which makes them easily accessible from the major attractions in and around the city.

Relaxation At Washington Square ParkThe local residents rush to the park for relaxation and enjoy the natural greenery and freshness.

Square Park Arch

Square Park

Tourists Enjoying At Washigton Square Park

Washington Square Park

Washington Square Park Greenwich Village New York CityAstounding view of Washington square park view at night.

Square Park New York


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