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A Traveler’s Guide To Venice, Italy – The City Of Canals

Gondolas, canals, Renaissance architecture and art all around; how can one not possibly love Venice?! The city of love in Italy, Venice appeals universally to all, lovers and families. There is much to see in this beautiful, ancient city straight from the pages of history and you will not only fall in love but also be coming back over and over again.

Getting To Venice

Venice traveler guideYou can take the train and reach the Santa Lucia station, which is the primary station and then walk your way to your accommodation. Transportation in Venice is mainly by foot or the ferries so make sure you have your comfy shoes on to go on this historical adventure.

If you are taking the flight straight to Venice, then you have the option of landing at the Marco Polo airport, from where you take a water taxi to reach here. However, do keep in mind that the water taxis are a little on the steeper side.

Venice gondolaAlternatively, you can also fly to Treviso, which is around 30 kilometers from the main city and is mainly serviced by low cost airline companies. The good thing is that Treviso airport offers convenient bus services to Venice, so this may be a good option.

Transportation to mainland Venice has been difficult, you may have to take the bus to Venice Mestre and then take a regional trail to the main station.

Vaporetti or water buses are another efficient and cheap mode of transportation through the Venice.

Best time to visit

Venice italy canalsVenice weather is not stable, and there can be rain in all year around. The humidity is very high during the summer, and winter can be foggy. You may visit the city during the spring in March and April, as it is less crowded and the hotel rates are down.

Venice Points of Interest

Best things to do in venice italyWalking through the narrow lanes and alleys is the best way to enjoy Venice. The highlights, of course, is the Piazza San Marco at the center with the stunning Saint Mark’s Basilica for you to enjoy.

Basilica veniceAlongside the basilica, Venice has a total of 141 churches, all of which are pieces of history you will definitely enjoy. The Doge’s Palace is another architectural marvel you cannot miss. There are also boasts of other enriching cultural activities and has a large spread of museums to offer.

Venice Academy Gallery, Museum of Art, also known as Gallerie dell’Accademia Di Venezia is one of the city’s premium museums and a must visit for art lovers.

Venice’s Museum of the 18th Century, known in Italian as Ca’Rezzonica Museo del Settececento is another great museum you could spend hours exploring the city’s history and culture. Peggy Guggenheim Collection is another museum you would not want to miss. The list is endless – check with what interests and you are sure to not be disappointed!

VeniceThe things to do at Venice are many and depends on what you prefer, but it sure is a destination that has a little something for every visitor.

What to Eat in Venice

Venice restaurants by canalWhen in Italy, you must eat like the royal’s right? Pick from the freshest of seafood pastas and fritto misto (fried fish platter), and enjoy aperitivos by the Venice canal as you watch the sunset. Cicchetti crawls are another popular way to eat like the locals, Cicchetti is being the Venetian equivalent of tapas. Go to the old school Harry’s Bar and order a glass of Bellini (Prosecco and peach puree) and drink it right where it started from.

Where to Stay

Ai mori d'oriente veniceVenice is one of the most popular cities in the world, and every year around 20 million people visit here. That’s the reason the accommodation prices are a bit high, but you will experience some of the world top notch hotel services. Here is our best pick of hotels in Venice, their price range is around $200 USD per night.

  • Ai Mori d’Oriente
  • Al Theatro Palace
  • Venice times hotel
  • Hotel Al Duca DI Venezia

There are also plenty of budgeted options available to stay in Venice, you may choose from a range of guest houses, apartments or small three star budgeted hotels. Here we found some of the best top review budgeted accommodation in Venice below $100 USD per night.

  • Aquavenice
  • San Marco Flat
  • Ca’ Due Leoni

Please do a research before booking any accommodation for your vacation, as Venice is a popular destination and always in high demand, so our advice is book in advance to avoid any inconvenience.

Venice, Italy Photo Gallery

Get lost in veniceRiding a Gondola is one of the best thing to do in Venice, but it’s not cheap especially in high peak seasons. Europe for visitors write in very detail about a Gondola ride, you may get all the detail including cost and tips.

Grand canal and basilica santa maria della salute veniceVenice is the city of water, as rather than roads there is water traffic in the city. The Grand canal is one of the main waterway, usually crowded with Gondola’s, water taxis and Vaporetti.

Rialto bridge in venice italyRialto bridge is one the oldest bridge on above grand canal.

Venice at nightA Mysterious view of the Venice, Italy at Night.

Venice Italy grand canal

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