Sydney Australia’s Most Emblematic City

Sydney is the most well-known city in Australia. Even though it is not its capital, it was the first arriving point for the Europeans. Sydney got more popular when it became the host of the Olympic Games in 2000.
Sydney Australia

The population of the Sydney is almost 4 million and it is one of the cities with the best quality of life, according to several publications. It is also one of the most important centers of business development and finance in the Asia-Pacific region.

Sydney has a very dynamic lifestyle and a vibrant mix of contemporary and colonial architecture that makes it exceptional. Its beaches and national parks offer an unforgettable experience.

Sydney Australia View

The proximity of the ocean and its geographical location make the city a place with a wonderful climate. The hottest months at Sydney are from November to February. The coldest months range from June to August.

Did you know? Australia weather is opposite as compare with maximum of our mother earth.

Be Prepared For Sydney

Sydney beautiful city of Australia

Sydney Australia Walkthrough

  •  Traveling around the Sydney and its suburbs is best by metro. This type of transport is not only the cheapest one, but also the fastest.
  • If you want to buy alcohol, you won’t find it in the supermarkets. You have to go to a place called “Bottle Shop“.
  •  If you smoke, then keep in mind that smoking is prohibited in bars and restaurants, even on the terraces. And also 4 meters from the door or access to any premises.
  •  Tap Water, – remembers these two words, while eating outside. Water is free in bars and restaurants. For people who drink a lot of water it is just a blessing.
  •  Talking about free water. You can buy a bottle of water just once and then refill it from the sources of drinking water. You can find them around the city.
  •  Convenience Stores, are something like mini markets. You can find them anywhere and they will help you, if you want something at that time, when normal supermarkets are closed.


Sydney Australia Bottle Shop

Sydney Australia Opera House View

8 Free Things to Do in Sydney

Sydney is in the top 5 list of the most expensive cities in the world. But even here you can enjoy the city without spending a dollar.

1. Hyde Park and Anzac Memorial Museum. It is obvious that a park is going to be free. But the good news is that its museum has no entrance fee as well. This museum is the place that recalls the war veterans of Australia and New Zealand.

Sydney Hyde Park

Hyde park fountain sydney

Sydney Hyde Park

2. University of Sydney. Sounds weird? Well, maybe. But it is just wonderful. Its campus looks like the ones we see in Hollywood movies. Huge and dreamlike architecture. You can walk inside the campus and just appreciate its tranquility.

University Of Sydney Aerial View

Sydney University

3. Sydney Harbour Bridge. In The Rocks you can find the stairs that will allow you to climb the bridge and cross it from one end to another. From here, you will have amazing views of Circular Quay and the Opera House.

Sydney Harbor Bridge

Sydney Harbor Bridge Close View

8 Free Things to Do in Sydney

4. Secret Garden. Not many people know about the existence of this place. And it is logical, because otherwise the name would not make much sense.

Sydney Secret Garden

Sydney Secret Garden

5. Darling Harbor and Fireworks. Every Saturday night, just after 9 p.m. (it may vary during the year, so it is better to check the exact time at the tourist information stand), the Darling harbour is full of people, who want to enjoy the amazing spectacle of fireworks.

Darling Harbor Sydney

Darling Harbor Fireworks

6. New South Wales State Library. Many people come here not to read books, but to get a good free internet connection. On the other hand, it also has free exhibitions, related to the art and history of Australia.

New south wales state library

7. Angel Place. This passage is full of hanging empty bird cages. At night, the cages are lit up, so the whole landscape becomes even more beautiful.

Angle Place Sydney

Angle Place Sydney

8. A Dog That Speaks. Before entering the Queen Victoria Building, you can meet her dog (the statue, of course). When you get close enough, the dog begins to talk. It will tell you a little story about the building.

Queen victoria building

Sydney Victoria Palace
Sydney Victoria Palace Inside View

During the long, long hours spent on the plane to Sydney, one wonders ‘What the hell have I done?’ And it is true. The trip is a killer… but the mix of sensations that one experiences in the modern city of Sydney is truly unforgettable.

Sydney at night
Sydney Opera House At Night

Sydney Australia
Under the harbour bridge at sydney
Sydney Harbor bridge is the largest steel arch bridge in the world, you may also climb the bridge from under to top.

Sydney resto

Sydney Australia

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