Palawan island Amazing Place to Visit in March

Islands of Palawan in Philippines are known to be one of the most fascinating and beautiful island zone ever located In the earth. For any nature lover, nothing can be the ultimate destination like Palawan Islands to explore.

The small islets along with 1780 Islands surrounded by coastlines of 1200 miles made it the destination worth visiting at least once in a lifetime.
Palawan Island
Palawan Island is located in the northern coastal region of the Philippines on the sides of South China Sea. The southern coast of Palawan Island is a part of Sulu Sea which in turn makes this place an interesting combination of different water bodies.

Palawan is known as the “Last ecological frontier” because of its commitments towards protecting the wildlife and beauty of the island in a natural way.

What to see in Palawan:

There are many things to explore here in Palawan apart from the beautiful Islands of Palawan.

1. Calauit Game and Preserve Wildlife Sanctuary:

This sanctuary is the home to some exotic animal species of Africa. It was opened in 1976 and working towards protecting endangered species.

2. El Nido Marine Reserve Park:

One of the most spectacular marine parks under the sea is this park. To get the best view of the sea creatures and fish make sure to visit this Marine Reserve Park

3. Coron Reefs, Coron Bay:

Enjoy the breathtaking view of the place and one of the most important locations of visits here is this place is the point where during the World War II 12 Japanese Ships were sunk by the Navy Crew of US. It made its place in the list of the top 10 locations for Scuba Diving.
Don’t forget to visit Tubbataha Reef Marine Park and Rasa Island Wildlife Sanctuary

Getting around Palawan:

To reach Palawan you need to drop down at Puerto Princesa International Airport or El Nido Airport. You can take advantage of the boat trips for moving around from one island to another. You can avail rental vans and cabs to explore. Aside to this you can also enjoy a ride in local jeepney or tricycles.

Palawan Island

When to visit Palawan:

Duration of rainy season in the Eastern part of Palawan is more than the other 3 sides of the islands. The rainy season begins in June and so it’s a perfect no during this time to visit. Early March is one of the best times to visit this place.

For visiting the Puerto Princesa December is also a good time as during this period there is a celebration of the Immaculate Concepcion feast.
Palawan Island

What to eat in Palawan:

If you are looking to taste some authentic dishes of Palawan then you will find them in all restro bars aside to other continental dishes.

  • Ka Inato: This Restaurant in Puerto Princesa serves excellent Chicken Inato
  • One Manalo Place: At this restaurant its must to taste Danggit Lamayo
  • Kinabuchs Bar & Grill: Want to taste Tamlok (A dish of worms), make sure to Kinabuchs Bar & Grill to taste it out.
  • La Terrasse Cafe: The taste of Honey Nougat served at this café will surely satisfy your taste buds.

Palawan Island
Palawan Island

Where to stay in Palawan:

At Palawan you will get hotels of various budgets and you can enjoy a comfortable stay at:

  • Corto Del Mar Hotel
  • One Manalo Place
  • Arena Island Resort
  • Kokosnuss garden Resort
  • Dolce Vita Hotel

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