Visit The Most Beautiful Navagio Beach (Shipwreck) In Greece

Navagio beach located in the small island of Zante in the Ionian archipelago of Greece. It is one of the most photographed beaches in the world. Navagio (aka shipwreck) beach fairly holds a place among the best beaches globally due to the emerald crystal waters that have the power to hypnotize you instantly. Nature has taken over Photoshop here.

Navagio beach crystal clean water
But the clear waters are not the only reason that made this beach so notorious over the years. The peculiarity of the place is the rusty ship right in the middle of the beach. In the early 80’s, a ship carrying smuggled tobacco, was hit by a rather bad weather near Zante, and eventually was driven ashore on the small coast, then called Saint George. In the following years, the beach gained extreme fame amid natives and foreign tourists thanks to this shipwreck.

Navagio beach

How to reach Navagio Beach

The best time to visit the Navagio shipwreck beach is between May-October and the only way to get to this small ‘paradise’ is by the sea (or the air). Plenty of caiques (small sailing ships) arrange short day trips and they start from different ports: Porto Vromi is the nearest one and the tour includes also the equally marvelous blue caves, for a quick dive into the sea.

Boat going to navagio beach

Schinari port is another option. Prices for these small trips are about 15 Eur/adult and 7.5 Eur/child and usually allow less than an hour at the beach. There are also boats from Zante port that arrange cruising tours around the island, and stop also at Navagio Beach.

navagio beach Aerial View

Navagio Beach From top

The nearest village is Anafonitria. From there you may hike for about 10 minutes to reach a platform out of iron. As you can imagine, it’s constructed for travelers to admire from high above the breathtaking view of the golden beach laid between the imposing whitewashed rocks.

Navagio beach view from top
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Zante Island adventure

For those who opt for a more adventurous holiday, Zante will not disappoint you. Here are some things to do on Zakynthos Island:

Aerial view on zakynthos greece

Diving/Snorkeling is the number one; try the Lake Keri where caves and steep cliffs compose a stunning submarine scenery.

Water sports for the brave ones! At the beach of Saint Nicholas, you will find a plethora of activities, such as jet ski, canoe or the ‘flying fish’ and Paragliding for endless fun.

Horse riding for adults and children, to explore the abundance of lush around the island or even to enjoy a ride on the beach!

One of the most unique and incredible activity is base jumping at Navagio Beach. But its not easy jumping in here from the top of the cliff, if you are brave enough than try it on your own risk.

Where to stay?

As for your accommodation, check out these hotels (prices are based on a one week holiday):

  • Sunrise, at Tsilivi, for about 420Eur during summer months of July-August.
  • Vigla, at Volimes, for 500Eur in June.
  • Playa Del Zante, at Amoudi, more pricey (875Eur) but you can almost touch the sea from your balcony, plus it’s in a quiet peaceful area.

Playa del zante


  • Be mindful when you walk or swim in some of Zante’s beaches, as they are home to the beautiful and endangered sea turtles Caretta-Caretta!
  • If you can’t avoid the busy summer months, try at least to visit Navagio beach early in the morning or late afternoon.

Tourists at navagio beach

Navagio beach freshblue

Navagio also called shipwreck beach because of an old rusty ship in here.

Tourists enjoying at navagio beach

Sunset at navagio beach
Beautiful sunset view from the top of the Navagio beach At Zante Island Greece.

Navagio beach zakynthos
shipwreck beach is usually crowded during the summer, to avoid crowd visit during afternoon or early morning.

navagio beach Top View

navagio beach Shipwreck

navagio beach Shipwreck

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