Naples Italy To Be or Not To Be?

When you think about spending your holidays in Italy, what cities do you consider? Rome? Milan? Venice or Florence? Maybe, Sicily or Sardinia? For sure, Naples is not the first destination that will cross your mind. It is a city full of contrasts. Major downsides, but yet even bigger advantages. Let’s have a closer look at it…

Naples Italy

Naples History

When it comes to history – Naples may have the richest one. And not only in Italy, perhaps in a whole region. It is the oldest city in the world to be continuously inhabited. The Greeks set in the Naples area approximately in the second millennium BC. But it was not earlier than the sixth centu-ry BC that it was renamed as Neapolis.
Naples Italy Beautiful View
The ‘new city’ in ancient Greek. Mostly thanks to Naples this ancient culture penetrated to the rest of the peninsula and had a remarkable influence on the culture of the whole country. Napoli has the largest historic city center in Europe and it is listed at the UNESCO’s World Heritage Site. Nearly three millennia of history… This number is shocking.

Naples italy colorful harbour
Unfortunately, during the World War II, Naples became Italy’s most affected city from bombs. Most of the periphery was later constructed by the Italian fascist government.

Things to Be Aware Of

The ‘Triangle of Death’. An area comprising Nola, Acerra and Marigliano municipalities, situated next to Naples. It is an illegal waste trash bin ran by the mafia. The death rate from cancer is twice as large as the national average level. This whole situation leads us to the next point.
Naples italy
Naples Italy Aerial View
The Camorra. A crime syndicate, secret society, the Italian mafia – it has a lot of names. But its headquarters are situated in Naples. The Camorra consists of clans, rather than being one huge family. That is the main reason for scrimmages and fights among the members which sometimes occur within the city. Naples can be dangerous from time to time. But if you are interested in this part of the Italian history – the Camorra is one of the oldest criminal organizations that dates back to the sixteenth century. It may certainly arise a lot of interest.

Naples things to know
Not a lot of people know that, but Naples is one of the poorest cities in Europe. You can find it weird, because the North of Italy is incredibly wealthy. Milan, for example, is richer than Sweden. The level of unemployment in Naples is also shocking. It is twice as high as the country’s average. The worst situation is among-st the youth – more than fifty percent of them are unemployed.

Reasons to Visit Naples

The scary stories listed above haven’t frightened you enough? Then you are ready for a once in a lifetime experience, because Naples really is an amazing city.

Reasons to visit naples
Naples Italy Best View
Would it be too bad to start from food? Well, the pizza was actually invented in Naples! Is it still Italy’s best? You would have to find out for yourself. But it is not only about the pizza. Seafood, pasta and Italian desserts are to die for in this city. Moreover, Naples is Italy’s number one star of the Michelin Guide.

Naples ariel view
Did you know that the romantic guitar was invented here? As well as the mandolin.
Oh, and remember the unbelievably long history of the city that was mentioned at the beginning of the article?

Useful Information

May, June and September are the best months to pay Naples a visit. In August you will have to struggle to find some good places that are open – most citizens like to take their annual break during this month.

Napoli view

Nearly all the public transport tickets cost one euro. The train to Pompeii will be only €3.20 from Naples. The city often appears to be a staging post for a lot of travelers. From here it is easy to get to the farther South – Sicily and Sardinia, for example. The ruins of Pompeii is a must see site that lies close to Naples.
Naples Italy Facts
Naples spanish quarter
You may also visit the Amalfi Coast, one of the most beautiful town in Italy. Amalfi is located just a few hours in south of The Naples.

Amalfi from naples
The city is not your ultimate destination? You will surely not feel sorry, if you stay here for a couple of days. At least have a look at the ‘Toledo’ metro stop. It is considered to be the most beautiful in Europe.

Toledo metro station napoli
Toledo metro station Napoli, Italy

Naples Italy Beauty
Naples Italy

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