Best Things To Do In Madrid Spain The Fable of Europe

Madrid is not only the capital of Spain, but also of charm and joy. It is welcoming, cozy and univer-sal. The city of Madrid is located in the heart of the Iberian Peninsula. Madrid Spain is a very tolerant and friendly city. Not only the locals live there, but also people from other parts of Spain and countries come to Madrid to settle down. Nobody feels strange in this city, because nobody is foreign here. Anyone who arrives in Madrid Spain and stays here for a couple of days finds it difficult to leave. The capital of Spain is full of tourist attractions: nature, art, history.

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Things To Do In Madrid Spain

1. Walk Along the Gran Vía. From the famous Metropolis building to the Plaza de España. It is the main tourist artery of the city. Its length is more than a kilometer. Shops, bars and even casinos are always crowded in this wide street.

2. Visit the Big Museums and the Little Galleries. Explore the Triangle of Art in Madrid – a thing that every tourist has to do. The Prado Museum, the Reina Sofía and the Thyssen-Bornemisza are the vertices of the famous Triangle. However, it is not necessary to walk through the aisles of the great galleries to see the artistic life of Madrid. The small ones such as Elena Ochoa’s Ivorypress, urban art by artists like Suso33 and collectives like BoaMistura and temporary ex-hibitions of young painters in bars and restaurants complete the cultural panorama of Madrid.

3. See Madrid from the Top. The skyline of the city is one of the most beautiful in Spain. And there is a perfect place to enjoy it. It is from the rooftop of the Círculo de Bellas Artes.

Madrid Spain Attractions
Madrid Spain

Things To Do In Madrid Spain

4. Go for a Cane. Relaxing with a cane, wine or a soft drink is one of Madrid’s favorite pastime. And when the good weather arrives, the streets get filled with tables. La Latina and its famous Plaza de la Cebada are one of the most preferred zones. It is almost impossible to walk the streets like Cava Baja or Cava Alta on the weekends, because it is the meeting point of many people and tourist groups.

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5. Take It Easy in the Parks. Madrid is a green city. The largest park is the Casa de Campo. You can visit an amusement park, a zoo or sport facilities as well. Of smaller dimensions, but most central is El Retiro.

6. Relish A Good Party. The streets of Malasaña are a hive on the weekends at night. Bars like El Penta, La Vía Láctea o Tupperware get filled up with people looking for a party. If you are more about clubs, you also have plenty to choose from. The most famous one is Kapital.

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Madrid Spain facts

• The Only Prominent Sculpture Dedicated To The Devil. You can find it in the Retiro Park. In-teresting fact about this sculpture is it located exactly at 666m above the sea level.

• The Oldest Restaurant In The World. It is located in the Cuchilleros street and opened its doors in 1725. A French man who started it with his wife – Jean Botin. Later, his nephew took the charge of the restaurant and was the one who gave it the name that maintains until today «Sobrino de Botín». ‘Sobrino’ in Spanish means nephew.
Madrid Spain Street

Madrid Spain facts

• The Shortest Street in Madrid. The Alcalá street is the longest street in Madrid with 10 km. But did you know about the shortest one? The Rompelanzas street is only 20 m long.

• The Ghost Subway Station. It is the Chamberí station that was converted into a museum on the 25th of March in 2008. The station is located on line 1, between the stations «Iglesia» and «Bil-bao».

• There Is A Beach In Madrid. There is an artificial beach next to the river Manzanares since April 2011.

Even a whole life is not enough to explore Madrid, but at least you can try to. Come to the capital of Spain and enjoy every moment of the only one life.
Madrid Spain

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