Dubrovnik Croatia The Pearl Of The Adriatic

Dubrovnik is a magnificent city of Croatia. Although Dubrovnik Croatia has become a bit fashionable nowadays and during summer there are plenty of people, it still has not lost its essence. Its first mention dates back to the year 614. It is indicated that the city was founded to protect the romanized inhabitants of the region from the invasions of the Slavs and the Avars that ravaged the Balkan peninsula. 1.400 years have passed, but the city still shines and provides travelers with safety and peacefulness.

dubrovnik croatia View

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Dubrovnik

1. Walls of Dubrovnik is the most famous monument and only last year, more than 900,000 peo-ple came around to see it. About 2.000 people still live inside the Wall. These people still want to live in the old area, because they have spent their whole life there.
Dubrovnik Croatia Wall
2. In addition to all the Catholic churches in Dubrovnik there is a mosque, a synagogue and an Orthodox-Serbian church.
Dubrovnik Croatia Mosque
3. The church of St. Francis of Assisi has a pharmacy inside, well-known for the recipes of lotions and medicines that are more than 300 years old.
Dubrovnik Croatia Church
4. The drainage in the streets (small inclinations on the ground in the shape of a half circle) hides a legend. If you were a single woman, you shouldn’t have stepped on them, because you could stay single forever. Is it true? Maybe it will be better not to try that out.
5. Many of business doors in Dubrovnik are shaped like a letter P. This is because privacy could be preserved by closing the door, but the window was left open to continue trading.
Dubrovnik Croatia
6. The beautiful streets of Old Town are worth to walk. It’s small streets are crowded with shops and restaurants and Perfect rest areas while a walk through the city.
Dubrovnik Croatia Old Town
Dubrovnik Croatia Old Town

Things to do in Dubrovnik Croatia

Do you like shopping and souvenirs? Then you should know that in Dubrovnik every day, except for Sundays, an attractive street market is set up in Gundulic Square, near the Rectors’ Palace. There you can find Dalmatian handicraft products and local delicacies. Also, there are coquettish and intimate shops in Dubrovnik. Establishments where you can find special buys. One of the most famous is the Mala Braca pharmacy. There you can get the beauty products that have had the same recipe for many centuries. If you want to take something original from here, don’t forget that a tie is a Croatian invention.
Dubrovnik Croatia Market

Dubrovnik Croatia Pharmacy
Mala Braca pharmacy

For lunch or dinner time, it is better to go to the Prijeko street. Most of the restaurants take their chairs and tables to the sidewalk in the summer. The gastronomy of Dubrovnik is rich in seafood made with olive oil and accompanied with rice. There are all kinds of restaurants, one of which stands out for its charm: the Atlas Club Nautika, located in the Pile. From its terrace you can en-joy excellent views of the sea and the city.
Dubrovnik Croatia Food
Dubrovnik Croatia Lunch
Dubrovnik Croatia Hotel

Things to do in Dubrovnik Croatia

If you like oysters, then about 50 kilometers from Dubrovnik there is a small village called Ston. It is told that there you can try the best oysters in your life.

Outside the walls there are also life and beaches! Lying in the sun for a few hours and taking a dip in the Mediterranean sea is a good option to spend your time. The beach area is also very good for staying. Keep in mind that the closer to the Wall – the more expensive the hotels get.
Dubrovnik Croatia Beach
Dubrovnik Croatia Beach
If you are visiting Dubrovnik in July or August, remember that at this time the city dresses up for a party, thanks to the celebration of its classic and famous Summer Festival. It is an event that lasts until August 25 and that brings together the best performers, dancers, Croatian and international artists of music, dance and theater. But the best thing about this Festival is certainly the atmosphere.
Dubrovnik Croatia Summer Festival

Dubrovnik Croatia Summer Festival
Dubrovnik Croatia Summer Festival

Are you a fan of the Game of Thrones? Then don’t go away without a scenario tour. The scenes corresponding to King Landing were shot here.
Dubrovnik Croatia
To feel the atmosphere of this magnificent city, you can simply walk its streets with your eyes wide-open, with your ears ready to pay attention to any sound. Then you will understand why is it called ‘the pearl of the Adriatic’.
Dubrovnik Croatia Street
Dubrovnik Croatia Aerial View
Dubrovnik Croatia Facts
Dubrovnik Croatia Top View

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