The Cherry Blossom Festival (Hanami), Japan

The cherry blossom festival is an ancient traditional event in Japan, which celebrates the beauty of flowers. Cherry Blossom which in Japanese is called “Hanami” can be directly translated to “flower watching’. The tradition dates back to 700AD and was initially done by poets who required a place to sit and think, discovered the beauty of the trees and its flowers and this slowly became a nationwide celebrated event.

Hanami Cherry Blossom Festival, JapanToday the Hanami celebrated all over Japan and even in particular countries around the world. It is a big holiday which occurs during the month February up till May.

Cherry Blossoms Festival In Ueno Park,Tokyo,Japan
Tokyo Crowd enjoying Cherry blossoms festival (Hanami) in Ueno Park.

The Hanami tradition continues to grow in Japan, where people continue to gather anywhere the cherry trees are located. There are thousands of people gather in parks and have picnics and celebrations, as it occurs just after vacations and school resumptions.

Time of the Cherry Blossom Festival

Sakura Festival Cherry Blossom JapanMost cherry blossom festivals in japan occur during the spring season, but some in some areas begin as early as the month of February, depending on the forecast. The geographical location also affects the time of the cherry tree blooming; the southern part of Japan on the islands of Okinawa can even have a blossom, sometimes in January and the northern part of the month of May.
Cherry Blossom Yoyogi Park Tokyo Japan
The blossoming of the cherry trees can also change yearly based on the weather conditions. The cherry blossoms are carefully monitored by experts are relayed to the Japanese people through the news agencies, so as to keep the people informed at all times. You may visit Kyuhoshi for 2018 Cherry Blossom Forecast.

Cherry Products

Cherry Blossom Festival Celebration In Japan
During the cherry blossom festival japan, it is a flower themed environment. Everything ranging from snacks in shops to menus in restaurants changes to better suit the season. The cherry blossom festival can be a very entertaining, but with the introduction of all the cherry themed products can become a little too much.

Best Cherry blossom Locations

Best Places To See Cherry Blossoms
As the cherry blossom festival is celebrated all around the country, there are several places which are known to be the best spots. Some of the places include:
Mount Yoshino: Truly a marvel, this mountain host over 30,000 trees which become a glorious sight when the Hanami festival begins.

Cherry Blossoms On Mount Fuji

Mount Fuji is also a beautiful location for Cherry Blossom Festival, you may track to the mountain and enjoy awesome view of the flowers all the way.

Himeji Castle: Originally one of the feudal castles, this is one of Japan’s most proud cultural heritages, as it also serves as a perfect location for the Hanami festival.

Cherry blossom is a beautiful festival in Japan, which celebrates peace and tranquility. It is widely appreciated around the world and is also celebrated in countries like USA, Finland and Italy.

Photo Gallery Of Cherry Blossom Festival, Japan

Hanami Night

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Cherry Blossoms

Cherry BLossoms Festival

Cherry Blossom Japan Festival

Cherry Blossom Festival

Cherry Flowers On Trees

Cherry Blossoms Festival Hirosaki Sakura

Cherry Blossom Japan

Cheery Bloosom Japan Festival

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