San Diego Top Five Most Beautiful Beaches Tour Guide

San Diego

San Diego is the country’s eighth-biggest city with the most versatile climatic conditions of all times, it’s breezy, sunny, chilled, hot and even humid. San Diego overflows with world-celebrated attractions for the whole family, including the zoo, Legoland, the historical centers of Balboa Park and Sea World, in addition to a foaming downtown and shorelines which are a perfect mix of lavish and rowdy. Continue reading “San Diego Top Five Most Beautiful Beaches Tour Guide”

Tulum Mexico Travel Guide- Place You Will Never Forget

This destination combines culture, history and one of the best beaches in Mexico. The only archaeological site located on the seashore is the most photogenic place in the region and, perhaps, in the whole country.
Tulum was a Mayan fortress that lived its moments of glory at the end of the classic period (about 1000 AD). At the southern end of the archaeological site lies one of the most peaceful beaches. Here you won’t find any hotels with 500 rooms or a large infrastructure. On the contrary, you can rent luxurious or rustic cabins, depending on your tastes and budget. Continue reading “Tulum Mexico Travel Guide- Place You Will Never Forget”

How To Get Teotihuacan Pyramids Mexico

When you think about the pyramids, the first ones that come to mind are the Egyptian pyramids. The only one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World that still exists. But people often forget that the Egyptian pyramids are not the only ones our planet carries. Today we will turn our head to the other part of the world, where the breathtaking Teotihuacan pyramids rule. Continue reading “How To Get Teotihuacan Pyramids Mexico”

Lake Tahoe Summer and Winter Time Vacation Guide

Lake Tahoe: blue, as a topaz, and surrounded by majestic peaks. This High Sierra gem that stretches along the California-Nevada border is a must see. Nowhere else you can inhale air “so pure and clean… it’s the same air that angels breathe,” as Mark Twain said.
Take a look around, especially from the spectacular viewpoints, like the one above Emerald Bay State Park. And it’s easy to see, why Twain was so entranced. Continue reading “Lake Tahoe Summer and Winter Time Vacation Guide”

What To See During The Day and Night in Atlantic City

Atlantic City is located on the Island of Absecon, in Atlantic County, which is, in turn, in the State of New Jersey on the east coast of the United States of America.
Atlantic City is something like the Las Vegas of the East Coast, but with beaches.
After its reconstruction from the Hurricane Sandy, the city wants us to look at its spectacular landscapes. Continue reading “What To See During The Day and Night in Atlantic City”