The Eiffel Tower One Of the Most Representative Icons of Europe

The Eiffel Tower

Nestled on the banks of the River Seine and north of Campo Marte, the Eiffel Tower stands with its exceptional size as the most emblematic structure not only of Paris, but of all France. The huge and majestic structure of 324 meters high and 18,000 pieces of puddled iron, seems to project the modernity of Parisian society.
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Sagrada Familia the Pearl of Barcelona

Sargrada Familia

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In every tourist city, there is that one “must-see” attraction that attracts a lot of visitors every year. Only with one mention of Paris, the image of the Eiffel Tower instantly pops up, or the image of the Great Wall of China appears in your mind as soon as you hear the China or the iconic pyramid of Cheops can replace the name of Egypt on the geographical map.
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Best Things To Do In Madrid Spain The Fable of Europe

Madrid Spain

Madrid is not only the capital of Spain, but also of charm and joy. It is welcoming, cozy and univer-sal. The city of Madrid is located in the heart of the Iberian Peninsula. Madrid Spain is a very tolerant and friendly city. Not only the locals live there, but also people from other parts of Spain and countries come to Madrid to settle down. Nobody feels strange in this city, because nobody is foreign here. Anyone who arrives in Madrid Spain and stays here for a couple of days finds it difficult to leave. The capital of Spain is full of tourist attractions: nature, art, history. Continue reading “Best Things To Do In Madrid Spain The Fable of Europe”

Dubrovnik Croatia The Pearl Of The Adriatic

dubrovnik croatia

Dubrovnik is a magnificent city of Croatia. Although Dubrovnik Croatia has become a bit fashionable nowadays and during summer there are plenty of people, it still has not lost its essence. Its first mention dates back to the year 614. It is indicated that the city was founded to protect the romanized inhabitants of the region from the invasions of the Slavs and the Avars that ravaged the Balkan peninsula. 1.400 years have passed, but the city still shines and provides travelers with safety and peacefulness.
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How To Get To Lake Como, Italy And Best Things To Do

Lake Como

Lake Como or the posh Italian retreat where the rich and famous hobnob is picture perfect and is the definition of the sweet Italian life. Picturesque lake, glamorous hotels, and the meeting place of George and Amal Clooney, Lake Como has all the makings of that Hollywood happy ending. Here are our top picks for this beautiful northern Italian spot. Continue reading “How To Get To Lake Como, Italy And Best Things To Do”