What To See During The Day and Night in Atlantic City

Atlantic City is located on the Island of Absecon, in Atlantic County, which is, in turn, in the State of New Jersey on the east coast of the United States of America.
Atlantic City is something like the Las Vegas of the East Coast, but with beaches.
After its reconstruction from the Hurricane Sandy, the city wants us to look at its spectacular landscapes.
Atlantic City is a unique paradise located along the Atlantic Ocean, just hours away from New York City, Philadelphia and Baltimore. When you pass the Atlantic City Highway you realize that it is a vibrant city of shows, concerts and events. There is always something to do and to see.

Atlantic City

The City That Sold Its Soul to The Devil

Until the mid-twentieth century Atlantic City with its Quayside and beaches was one of the quintessential holiday destinations on the East Coast of the United States. That era of splendor, gangsters, variety shows and clandestine cups has a magnificent performance in the HBO series Boardwalk Empire.
But not everything that glitters is gold. And behind the crowded Boardwalk, Atlantic City sank. And then, in 1978, the casinos arrived. The city sold the soul to the devil and legalized the game in exchange for the promise of a better future. And the first concrete giants dotted with colorful lights and sumptuous claims appeared from the sea.

Atlantic City
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Atlantic City

What To See At Night

Easy. Of course, the casinos! And it is something that can be seen with a naked eye as soon as you reach the city. It is impressive to see how buses full of New Yorkers unload in the parking lots of the casinos, which lead directly inside the building. The rows of slot machines, where you can sit for hours, while your free glass is filled up. The tunnels that connect one casino to another. A universe where you can forget about everything and win. Or lose.
There is no entrance fee to the casinos. Don’t forget that it is not allowed to take pictures inside.

Atlantic City

Atlantic City Attractions

Atlantic City

What To See During The Day

Take a walk along The Boardwalk, the heart of the city. It is a beautiful 9 km wooden pier flanked on one side with the colorful facades of shops and casinos and on the other with the clear sandy beaches and fairground attractions.

You can rent a bike, although walking is very pleasant. You can simultaneously stop at the souvenir shops and try sampling salt water taffy, which is the typical sweet of Atlantic City.
At The Pier Shops mall, in front of the Caesar’s, you will find the city’s most luxurious shops. There is a free water show every day. Nearby you can take a ride on the attractions of the fair.

Atlantic City


In addition to the entertainment complex, Atlantic City is also popular in America because it gathers many major brand outlet stores around Atlantic Avenue, where clothes are purchased at low prices.
A few meters away from the best American shops, you will find small pizzerias and neighborhood cafes, where you can eat for a few dollars.

Atlantic City

How To Get There, When and Where To Stay

From NYC there is no train, only a bus. It is a 2 h journey. If you want to gamble, there is the Greyhound and Lucky Streak line that will leave you in the casinos. It will cost you about $40.
You can also get a bus from Philadelphia. It will take you around 1.30 h. It is about $12 on the Greyhound Bus.

The liveliest season to visit Atlantic City is from May to September. During the rest of the year it is better to visit it at the weekend.

Atlantic City

Atlantic City

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  1. the first city in US where i had arrived and resident for like 5 months.. AC now looses its charming nights and busiest days as its had in past. mostly casinos are closed now. however still you can visit it during summer vacation. and you can enjoy your holidays in beach.

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