Angel Falls the Treasure of Venezuela

The impressive waterfall, almost one kilometer high, shines under the sun that during dawn hits the mountain and a smile appears on the face of the visitors of Angel Falls. The scenery of the highest waterfall in the world compensates the journey that has been 12 hours: by plane, paddling a canoe, walking, and also the night of intense rain; living in a camp and lying in hammocks. Angel Falls takes this name from an American aviator Jimmy Angel, who in 1937 landed on the tepuy where the waterfall is born. Scientists admit that these flat top mountains are the oldest formations on the planet.

Angel Falls Venezuela

Angel Falls Venezuela

Angel Falls Venezuela

How to Get to Angel Falls

You have two options:

1. You can pay a visit with the help of a plane or a helicopter. Hire a travel agent. From the cities closest to the waterfall, Ciudad Guayana and Ciudad Bolívar, there are specialized tourist groups that make this tour.

2. But the most adventurous and striking option is to get to Angel Falls by land. By air you are offered a view and valuable comfort (as well as quite some expenses), but the way done by foot is perfect for backpackers, if you like the extreme and enjoy ecotourism. Start the journey by crossing the jungle by the Carrao River and the Churún. From there you must walk and climb to cross the jungle for at least one hour. This type of excursion starts from the Canaima camp and the journey to the waterfall lasts for about 13 hours.

Angel Falls Venezuela

Angel Falls Venezuela

The Excursion to Angel Falls

A standard trip lasts for three days and two nights.

Day One. Arrival to Canaima. Canaima is reached with the help of a flight of about ninety minutes. There you will visit the waterfall Sapo and right behind it you will find another waterfall – Sapito. Night is spent in a camp.

Day Two. Angel Falls. You will leave early by boat, going up the river for almost five hours to the camps. There you will have lunch and then you will leave by boat again. Night is spent in the hammocks.

Day Three. Going Back to Canaima. After seeing the sunrise over Angel Falls, you will return to Canaima and from there to Ciudad Bolívar. Some agencies include a free night in their inns.

Angel Falls Venezuela

Angel Falls Venezuela

8 Recommendations for Angel Falls

1. Take an extra small backpack for bath towels, mineral water, toilet paper, toiletries, 2 medium plastic bags, personal medicaments and insect repellents.

2. Take light clothing, long but light pants that dry quickly and a swimsuit underneath it all, because you’re going to bathe as soon as you find the waterfall.

3. Take flashlights with you. In the camp the electricity turns off at 9 p.m.

4. When you are in the boat, leave shoes in the backpack to keep them dry.

5. Take dry clothes to change at night in the camp. There is nothing worse than trying to sleep in wet clothes.

6. If you want to take awesome pictures and show them later to your friends, then it is preferable to take a waterproof camera.

7. If you have a raincoat take it with you (yes, getting wet is the biggest obstacle during this journey).

8. Make sure that the program is not changed and that on the second day you leave before 10 a.m.

For a short time that you spend looking at it from the river, Angel Falls overwhelms. It looks like a block of water falling and the feeling of the noise vibrating in your ribs is unforgettable.


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