Abu Simbel Temple Facts, History And Photo Gallery

In Egypt, the first major tourist attraction that comes in minds is the Pyramids. However, there are also many other amazing tourist spots in Egypt and one of them is Abu Simbel.

Abu SimbelThese temples are the biggest projects of the ancient monument restoration. In the restoration process of this monument, many countries held hands. This eventually led towards the formation of the World Heritage List by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, Unesco.

What is Abu Simbel?

Abu Simbel, EgyptAbu Simbel is actually two giant temples made out of rocks and present in the Nubia, the southern region of Egypt. According to the archeologists the temple was built approximately in 1284 Before Christ under the orders of the Pharaoh Ramesses, the second. Abu Simbel, as explained by the experts was built by the mighty Pharaoh as a monument to his wife Nefertari and himself.

Some Quick Information

Opening Hours5AM–6PM Daily
BuilderRamesses II
FoundedApproximately 1264 BCE
Architectural styleCultural, Temple
Tourist Information +20 2 22617304
LocationAswan Governorate, Egypt

The Purpose of the Monument

Abu Simbel TourThe purpose behind this monument was to celebrate the victory in the battle of Kadesh which was fought against the Hittites. The location that he chooses for this temple is actually the southern gateway that leads into the Egypt. This location perfectly advertised his power and might and also down cast his neighbors in Nubia.

Abu Simbel Temples

The Abu Simbel holds two temples. One is the Lesser Temple and the other is the Greater Temple.

Great Temple

Great Temple of Abu SimbelThe temple that is referred to as the Great Temple was actually dedicated to Amun Ra, Ptah and the Ra Harakhti who are the ancient Egyptian deities. The Greater Temple has four enormous statues that are sitting and are as high as twenty meters. All these statues represent the Ramesses II himself. The statues are actually carved out of the rocks.

Lesser Temple

Abu Simbel TempleAt a distance of about one hundred meters from the Greater Temple situated is the Lesser Temple. The Lesser Temple is actually dedicated to the queen Nefertiti. Apart from that the Lesser Temple is also dedicated to the Hathor, an Egyptian goddess. The statues are carved out of the rocks just like in the Great Temple and are about 10 meters high.

Do You know? The Abu Simbel is ever relocated? Watch the video.

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Photo Galley of Abu Simbel

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